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Your teeth disclose your life’s story. Teeth that are discoloured, missing and damaged from decay and chipping over the years are one of the surest giveaways of age and drastically affects the way we look. Cosmetic dentistry is one of the most successful ways of turning back the clock on your appearance. Our range of procedures erase the years of damage, leaving you with a beautiful smile.

If you join the many people who already have had cosmetic dentistry, then you too can start feeling better about yourself.

AURA can do the same for you.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team of experts constantly strive for perfection. Dr Skipp has invested years of dedicated practice in cosmetic dentistry through some of the best, world renowned professional development training programmes.

"I just wanted to write a quick note to thank you so much for the work that you have done on my teeth. In particular in the smile department! I am really thrilled with the result.

I had thought about getting my front teeth sorted out for quiet some time. I thought that it would be prohibitively expensive and at the age of 50 it was a long process that I did not relish.

The veneers that you did were neither of the above! No drama and I felt reasonably priced. Thanks you again"

- Lance Lawry -

"I hadn't been particularly happy with my teeth for some time, I had existing crowns and veneers, which were old, cracked and unflattering, but had been put off having further cosmetic dentistry due to cost involved.

I decided to take action after I cracked the veneer on my front tooth and having passed AURA several times, I decided to pop in one evening. As I was offered a free consultation, I had nothing to lose. Dr Nadine Skipp was extremely welcoming and informative and carefully explained the various options open to me and what she considered would be the best course of treatment. I was given a quote and went away to mull it over. There was absolutely no pressure put on me to continue, but after discussing the option to pay by payment plan, I realised that I could afford to have the treatment and quickly made the decision to proceed.

My treatment involved a series of veneers and crowns on my top front eight teeth - a smile makeover. I had various moulds, measurements and photos taken of my mouth to ensure the best possible results. As soon as the temporaries were fitted, I knew I'd done the right thing, they looked fantastic. However, I was assured that the permanents would look even better. After 3 weeks I received a call to say that the permanents had arrived from the US lab and that they were ready to be inserted.

What can I say - I was amazed at the results. After only a few weeks I had a smile to be proud of. The entire experience was pain-free and I would recommend it to anyone. The only regret I have was that I didn't do it sooner.

- Alison O'Reilly -

"I would like to thank Dr. Nadine Skipp for my new smile. I had been hiding it for over 20 years. With a bad bridge, yellowing teeth and bad bite; I had learned to keep my mouth zipped for various events and photo ops. With two treatments from the master, I feel like a new man. She is fast and precise, yet gentle and personable. The quality of the work is impeccable. You would never know these are not my original imperfect teeth. Thanks Nadine for everything!"

- Todd Young -

"Dr Nadine Skipp has been my dentist and caring for my dental needs for some year now. I am delighted to confirm that she has shown the utmost professionalism, care and skill when dealing with any dental situation - from the simplest to the most complex work.

Dr Skipp is also exceptionally caring and understanding with children.

I am a very nervous and not particularly easy patient! Dr Skipp is capable of calming even my nerves - she is gentle, extremely thorough and conscientious in all her work. Over the last few years I have had some extensive radiotherapy treatment on my face, mouth and neck. She has made it bearable and not in the least uncomfortable. Dr Skipp is an extremely highly qualified dentist with many extra curricular dental and facial work qualifications attained. Her dental skills - particularly in crown construction and smile makeovers are a work of art.

I would have no hesitation in giving a full and all encompassing recommendation for Dr Skipp's dentistry to all her new patients who have yet to experience her treatments.

I am sure this new practice will be a great local asset, an enormous success and I give my heartfelt best wishes for a very happy and exciting future."

- Julie Mercieca -

"In despair after being given very negative treatment advise for my difficult dental problems I was recommended to see Nadine. She immediately gave me confidence. Her skill and caring concern has surpassed everything that I imagined.

Nadine is a very talented dentist with an artist eye. If it wasn't for her I might be wearing dentures today!."

- Gwen Newman -

"Once I arrived at AURA for my free consultation. Yes you read it right "something free in this day and age..."!

Nadine sat me down and we spoke about all the different treatment options that were available to me, and she assured me that whichever road I decided to travel, the result would be outstanding, and I would get the smile that I had always been after.

I had spent years with yellow teeth and an ageing yellow crown at the front of my mouth, which had always made me self conscious. I was one of those people who always cover their mouth when laughing, and didn't smile for photographs because I was so embarrassed. The half way mark before getting the permanent crowns, I had to wear temporaries, "which Nadine makes herself". I could just not believe the quality and aesthetic result I got just with the temporary crowns. The way she sculptured my temporary teeth was a sheer art form. Nadine is definitely an artist in the truest form.

The difference in confidence from then and now is incredible. I was a shadow of the person I am now. I am so happy that I decided to go ahead with the treatment.

Not forgetting Nadine's supporting team, they definitely are a credit to her and the practice. They are the most professional, caring and understanding people that I have ever met. Nothing is ever too much effort for them. I have always been somewhat of a nervous patient but Verity "the nurse" used her fantastically calming bedside manner, and she soon relaxed me with her smiles, reassurance, education and confidence. She even let me hold her hand during the procedure!

To finish off, Nadine and her team are conscientious, creative, and caring people who seek perfection in their work, and I can truthfully tell anyone that I will never go to another practice... ever... ever... ever!"

- Caroline Bentley -

"I had been unhappy with my teeth since my teens, largely the result of a school dentist extracting unnecessary teeth citing overcrowding as a future problem. This left me with unsightly gaps which I attempted to rectify with various dentists over 10-15 years. These left me with, uneven stained and pitted teeth as the composite wore away.

I decided to seek professional help on cosmetic dentistry early in 2010 as I was aware that dentistry had come a long way since my original work. After viewing a popular make-over programme on television I had a consultation with a well known dentist in London and was considering various options suggested when a friend recommended I try her own dentist as well for a second opinion.

I was offered a free consultation (the previous dentist had charged me £250.00 for this) by Dr. Nadine Skipp (formerly Epp) and was so impressed with the advice and options that Nadine offered in an unpressurised environment that I decided without hesitation to chose to have my smile makeover at AURA.

I was overjoyed with the results and have not stopped smiling since! My friends and work colleagues have notice a real difference in me, some are unable to pinpoint what is different just commenting that I look really well. I would not hesitate in recommending Nadine and her team to anyone who is considering cosmetic dentistry as the professional advice and subsequent dentistry work has been outstanding."

- Jan Perman -

"Having had this treatment before which took 3 years with wires and plastic bands that did not work I was desperate to have straight teeth again. Dr. Nadine Epp of Aura gave me the Inman which was simple to use and very effective. Now I can smile and show off my beautiful teeth. The whole thing was quite painless."

- Mary Burgess -

"I love it here! Nadine is a superstar and her team is so welcoming. I could not have asked for a better dentist for my new smile - I love it!! Thanks so much Nadine."

- Kate Sheehan -

"Great atmosphere, staff very friendly and helpful. I will definately recommend the practice to my friends and family."

- Joanna Lodziak -

"This is a brilliant place. Nadine is a very skilled and sympathetic dentist and the rest of the team are brilliant keeping you alway at ease. Thank you."

- Jo Pipes -

"Nadine, we're sorry to hear you are leaving the British Petrolium (BP) dental service as it's always hard to find a good dentist! You've shown us great care, so if you do re-surface in another guise after your break we'd be pleased to visit you at a new practice if you let us know.

- Nick and Tricia (BP Head Office) -

"Nadine, You were, without doubt, the best dentist I have ever had. My experience with a dentist at the age of 10 left me with a deep mistrust but you have been great. Thank you.

- Chris (BP Head Office) -

"I have always had a great experience when I’ve visited. Even though I’ve been going for big appointments Nadine and Co have kept me calm and entertained making everything run smoothly. No pain and beautiful teeth."

- Marianne Appleby -

"Friendly staff always makes it that much easier when you’re getting your teeth done by Nadine and Verity."

- Reece Palmer -

"I must say that Dr Skipp and Verity are very professional, and very welcoming. Also enjoy coming here!!"

- Mandy Palmer -

"Always very friendly and welcoming. Always honest about the treatment needed and improvement needed."

- Tamar Vanzyl -

"As always, really friendly and professional service, with good advice for me to follow at home too."

- Siobhan Benita -

"Absolutely fantastic! Love coming here! Teeth look great; I’m looking forward to my next visit!"

- Adrian Blake -

"Everyone was helpful and honest about the treatments. Would definitely recommend your dental practice to friends and colleagues."

- Vienna Rosales -

"Efficient service, pleasant staff, comfortable surroundings and the best dentist I’ve ever had- what more could I ask for?!"

- Julia Chamberlain -

"Always very gentle - thank you for looking after me all. The staff are friendly and professional."

- Emma Cogswell -

"As a patient I valued being made to feel comfortable, and to be kept well informed about my treatment, as well as being treated like a friend."

- Carole Bowes -

"Very thorough with very helpful suggestions on how to preserve my teeth and also on dental hygiene. Excellent!"

- Maureen Robinson -

"Very impressed and 100% satisfied with my new teeth. Excellent professional and great after care."

- Harpreet Simi Chadha -

"Everything was perfect. I would recommend anybody to use this dental practice. Thanks ever so much!"

- Mariella Mongio carpenter -

"A very clean comfortable establishment. The staff were very helpful, kind, patient and polite. I felt very welcome."

- Sandra J -

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