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Chemical Peels at Aura in Kingston

Facial Peels are an accelerated form of exfoliation using chemical ingredients to remove layers of tired skin.

Facial Peels will rejuvenate your appearance giving your face a fresh and youthful look. Peels revitalise skin tone and improve texture and can also be effective treatment for conditions such as mild acne and hyper-pigmentation. A consultation is necessary prior to a peel to assess suitability. Factors taken into consideration are skin type and quality, age and lifestyle. A period of 'down time' is needed with some peels.

Phytic TCA Peel or 'lunch time' peel

Is a light peel. There is no down time, although some superficial flaking of the skin may occur. This peel freshens up the complexion. Only one peel is normally required and takes approximately 30 minutes to perform.

Easy TCA Peel

Is a medium peel with a higher TCA percentage than the Phytic TCA peel. It has more post treatment peeling. It is suitable for surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes and minor pigmentation problems. A course of 4 peels is required 7 days apart. This followed by 6 weeks of prescribed creams specific to your skin type and condition. Each peel takes approximately 30 minutes to perform.

FREE Consultation, 0% Finance & Student Discounts available. To find out more about how Facial Peels can work for you, contact our Kingston clinic today.