Teeth Whitening at Aura in Kingston

Teeth Whitening is a very simple, highly effective and non-invasive method of lightening the colour of your teeth.

The end result is brighter, whiter smile. Restoring your teeth to their natural whiteness, effectively takes years off your appearance.

Tooth discolouration can be external or internal. Over time, the natural ageing process can give rise to darker teeth. The outer white translucent layer (Enamel) progressively thins out and the inner yellow layer (Dentin) gradually darkens. Your lifestyle habits too can stain teeth.

Dietary habits (such as drinking coffee, tea and red wine, consuming curries, red berries and other food products) as well as smoking are all combined factors. Medication (tetracycline), fluoride, metals and blood disorders can also cause tooth discolouration.

The procedure involves fabricating custom made trays to fit closely over the teeth. They are thin and unobtrusive. The active ingredient is either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, inserted into the trays to whiten the exterior surfaces of the teeth. The chemical whitens the teeth through an oxidization process by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen which then breaks down stain molecules. It is a safe procedure and does not damage or remove any tooth structure. Discoloured teeth, which have become darker over time from being root treated, can be lightened by applying the whitening chemical to the inner surface of the tooth. In both cases, the procedure needs to be continued until the desired shade is attained.

Home whitening kits

At AURA we use Philips Day & Nite White. Home whitening is the most effective and predictable method of whitening teeth and gives consistent results. The procedure takes 2 weeks on average. Darker teeth can take up to 4 weeks. It is recommended that the trays are worn consecutively at night when you sleep. Saliva can marginally wash away or dilute the whitening agent but as salivary flow rate is reduced when you sleep, the end product is a more successful result.

Three appointments are necessary:

  • An impression (copy of your teeth) to fabricate the custom made trays
  • Delivery of whitening chemical, trays, instructions on use, shade verification and photos
  • Final shade verification and photos

Most people experience some degree of transient tooth sensitivity. It is usually most profound within the first 3 days of the process but subsides once the whitening is completed.

Whitening only works on natural teeth. Existing fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges and dentures will not change colour and will require replacement in most circumstances following whitening if the restorations are in the aesthetic zone. Re-application of whitening is necessary in the future to maintain the results, as the effect of whitening is not permanent due to the effects of ageing and lifestyle habits.

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