Dentures at Aura in Kingston

Dentures are removable artificial teeth, which restore both aesthetics and function

They can be either partial or full and can replace a few or many missing teeth, up to a complete arch. Dentures are the simplest and most economical way of replacing missing teeth. They can be made as an all acrylic or combined acrylic with a metal base. Sometimes retention clasps are necessary to help keep the appliance in place. These clasps can sometimes be visible when you smile or open your mouth depending on the position and number of both the false teeth and your own natural teeth. Dentures can even be fitted straight after teeth have been removed so that no one knows.

New dentures are like ‘new shoes’. It can take up to 2 months to adapt to a new denture. The mouth is heavily innervated and will need to re-programme after detecting a lot of change associated with a new denture. Sore spots and ulcers can arise from the denture rubbing the gum during function. Speech can be affected initially as well as chewing. Salivary flow can increase and sense of taste can be altered if the denture covers some of the taste buds on the roof of the mouth. A fixed and permanent alternative treatment for people who struggle wearing dentures, is bridges or implants.

Dentures should be removed every night in order to let the gum tissue rest. Wearing a denture 24 hours a day makes you more prone to fungal infections. When the denture is not being worn, it should be placed in a plastic bag with a drop of cold water to prevent it from drying out.

Dentures are bad plaque traps so good oral hygiene is paramount! The denture should be cleaned with a soft or medium bristle toothbrush and washing up liquid or liquid hand soap. Toothpaste should never be used, as it is too abrasive and will damage the acrylic denture surface by superficial scratching. Denture cleaners are available on the market. Recommended instructions should be followed. Care should be taken with metal-based denture, as some cleaners will corrode metal. Bleach or any other household cleaner should not be used. Dentures should never be immersed in boiling water.

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