Root Fillings at Aura in Kingston

Root Canal Treatment, is a routine dental procedure which is necessary when the inner core of a tooth (pulp) becomes infected by bacteria or losses it's blood supply due to trauma.

The tooth pulp can become infected by bacteria through decay or gum disease. Infection that spreads throughout the root system of the tooth and into the bone causes an abscess. Abscesses can be acute or chronic. Acute abscesses are painful and sometimes associated with facial swelling. When a tooth is infected, it is usually tender to bite on, causes lingering pain when consuming hot substances and the pain wakes you up at night. Chronic abscesses are caused from low-grade problems. They are usually painless and can be associated with a gum boil and draining fistula or even a cyst. Root canal treatment is the last chance at saving a tooth aside from extracting it. Once the pulp is destroyed, it cannot heal and an infected tooth should not be left untreated.

The procedure usually takes 2 visits. The first appointment involves the removal of the infected pulp by cleaning, shaping and disinfecting the root canal system. Localized abscesses are also drained. Medication is placed internally in the tooth followed by a temporary filling on top of the tooth. This is left for a short period of time (usually 1-2 weeks) to help the tooth settle down. The second visit involves placing the root canal filling along with a permanent filling on top. Root filled teeth are heavily restored and are prone to fracture. They become brittle due to the loss of fluid transfer within the tooth. Full coverage lab fabricated restorations are usually necessary to protect the tooth and prevent it from fracturing under heavy bite forces. This is recommended after a 2 month settling period.

Root canal treatment is usually very successful (approximately 98% success rate). If infection returns in a tooth that has been root filled, the treatment can be repeated. Sometimes specialist referral is necessary.

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