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White Fillings at Aura in Kingston

We are an AMALGAM (silver filling) free practice! we only use white composite fillings which are available at our Kingston clinic.

White Fillings are superior to silver amalgam fillings. Amalgam has been around for over 180 years. Dentistry has moved on!

Problems with silver fillings are:

  • They are unaesthetic as they are not tooth coloured
  • They contain mercury
  • They don't bond to tooth structure like white fillings, more healthy tooth structure must be removed to mechanically lock them into your tooth
  • They creep (expand pitch and grow bigger) as they get older as they're not dimentionally stable. This causes cracking both internally and externally which leads to leakage and secondary decay (see below)

Amalgam fillings in the lower jaw can often be seen when we talk or laugh. Amalgam fillings can also sometimes be seen in the upper jaw.

These can be unsightly as they can discolour the true natural colour of your teeth. Amalgam also causes your natural teeth to fracture over time as they creep (they get bigger as they get older).

Composite (White) fillings are available not only to improve aesthetics, but to increase longevity and strength of your teeth. Amalgam fillings have been used for over 180 years. It's time for change to modern, conservative and cosmetic dentistry.

White Fillings by AURA

For more information on White Fillings & to see how AURA can help you, contact our Kingston clinic today.